Restore Inner West Line

Cuts to Trains

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Cutting the Inner West Line at Homebush and the removal of Liverpool via Regents Park trains with the new train timetable on October 20, 2013 has resulted the WORST DOWNGRADE IN A GENERATION:

  • 98% Trains Cut between Lidcombe to Liverpool (via RP)
  • 3 Additional Interchanges at Birrong, Lidcommbe, Strathfield
  • Increased Travel & Wait Times of 30 Minutes at Lidcombe
  • Increased Overcrowding on Western Line & South Line
  • Lack of Access to the Inner West & Sydney City
  • Lack of Frequent Trains with 30 Minute Service Gaps
  • No direct Liverpool to City via Regents Park (RP)
  • No direct Bankstown to City via Regents Park (RP)
  • Increased Traffic Congestion & lack of Commuter Parking

Note: Sydenham to Bankstown on the Bankstown Line will be converted into Metro.

Sign & share the petition to #RestoreInnerWestLine