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Pippita Express with M4 Park and Ride

Restore Inner West Line supports EcoTransit’s Pippita Express proposal for a 19 minute Lidcombe to Central journey

The Pippita Express is a new train service running on the existing Olympic Park and Western Line, with a minimum of 4 trains per hour

Train at former Pippita station location travelling towards Olympic Park

Did you know there used be a train station called Pippita near Parramatta Road to the north of Lidcombe?

EcoTransit’s Proposed new Pippita express Station location above M4 near Olympic Park

The Pippita Express would involve rebuilding a Pippita station (above the M4) and include a “park and ride” facility at Olympic Park next to the M4 Motorway

P4 Carpark in Olympic Park could be converted into a multi-storey “Park n Ride” for Pippita station

Heavy rail trains would have start at Lidcombe (Sprint Platform 0) stopping at Pippita, Olympic Park, Pippita again on the way to Strathfield then express to Central

Upgrading and expanding heavy rail is a better alternative than extending the Parramatta Light Rail from Olympic Park to Lidcombe, which would likely replace the existing Olympic Park line

Pippita Express with M4 Park and Ride is also supported by the Sydney Alliance:

The Pippita Express with M4 Park and Ride fits in with the Parramatta Road Corridor (Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031).  The M4 Park & Ride project would improve transport options along the Corridor. This proposal also fits in with the WestConnex urban revitalisation plan as it aims to improve Parramatta Road and make it a more pleasant place to be. M4 Park & Ride would contribute to this as it would reduce the total number of cars using Parramatta Road/WestConnex and thus result in less traffic congestion.

Preliminary consultation with stakeholders shows that there is enough rail capacity to run the proposed Park & Ride service, as well as sufficient demand from commuters to justify such a service. Any remaining questions can be clarified by a feasibility study, which is what we are asking the Government to commit to.

By removing cars from the M4/Parramatta Rd corridor between Olympic Park and the city, congestion on this stretch of road will be significantly reduced.  Furthermore, it will have flow-on effects even further West than Olympic Park, as reduced congestion closer to the city (where there is a lower speed limit anyway after the motorway ends) reduces the likelihood of traffic blockages backing up from Parramatta Road onto the M4 and affecting other traffic.

Roughly 8000 people per day commute by car only from Western Sydney to the city or North Sydney.  A further 4000 travel by car and train (i.e. they already ‘park and ride’).  The M4 Park and Ride proposal would primarily assist those who currently drive all the way to the city, providing them with a convenient way to leave their home by car (particularly important for those who live in areas with limited public transport) but leave their car outside the city and avoid traffic on the CBD approaches by switching to the train . Those who already ‘park and ride’ would also benefit from having a hub specifically designed to suit their needs, with more parking and also facilities such as shopping, childcare etc.

Please write to Transport Minister Andrew Constance, Cumberland Council (Regents Park ward) and Parramatta Council (Rosehill ward) urging them to support the Pippita Express with M4 Park and Ride