Our Submissions for Public Transport

Restore Inner West Line has made a number of submissions for public transport. Please email us at info@restoreinnerwestline.org.au if you would like more information or for media enquiries.

Department of Planning: Homebush Transport Oriented Development Rezoning (August 2024)

Parramatta 2050

NSW Legislative Assembly Inquiry into Critical transport infrastructure supporting the Western Sydney International Airport and Western Sydney Aerotropolis (2024)

NSW Legislative Assembly Inquiry into Sydney Metro West (2023)

NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into Current and future public transport needs in Western Sydney (2023)

Sydney Trains Review (2023)

NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into Acquisition of land in relation to major transport projects (2021)

  • Restore Inner West Line & Save T3 Bankstown Line Submission (submitted within Inquiry submissions timeframe in July 2021 but was rejected by the Inquiry committee for reasons unexplained, however suspected to be political in response to our previous involvement in the Inquiry into Sydenham to Bankstown line conversion)

Roads and Maritime

Planning of Rail Services West of Bankstown Station in 2024

We support Option 2 as it is best for most commuters west of Bankstown but believe it should combined with Option 3

Sydney Metro West

We support a new railway from Sydney CBD to Western Sydney but believe the line should be constructed as per Sydney Trains Network (heavy rail/double deck) standards

Canterbury-Bankstown Council

We support a return of direct train services between Bankstown and Parramatta (using the existing track Berala and Auburn)

Cumberland Council

The Restore Inner West Line community action group has worked with EcoTransit Sydney in making submissions to Cumberland Council

NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into Sydenham-Bankstown line conversion

Roydon Ng appeared as a witness at the Inquiry on 6 November 2019

Sydney Metro City & Southwest

We oppose the conversion of Sydenham to Bankstown for Metro and have formed the Save T3 Bansktown Line community action group

Western Sydney Rail Needs Scoping Study

We support extending the South West Rail Link from Leppington to Western Sydney Airport and extending the T2 Line from Liverpool to Campbelltown