The NSW Government's War on Public Transport

Commuters Forced to Interchange
Minutes between Trains
Stations without Train to City Circle
Additional Interchanges

Why Restore Inner West Line 恢復內西區線 (Liverpool via Regents Park)?

Direct Train to City Circle & Inner West

Reduce travel times by removing the need to interchange at Lidcombe, Birrong, Strathfield

Reduce Overcrowding & Interchanges

Around 19,000 commuters are forced onto already overcrowded trains at Lidcombe station every day

Increase Trains for Southwest Sydney

Liverpool and Bankstown need more direct trains to City Circle. It's time to reverse the cuts

West of Bankstown

Transport for NSW has started planning for rail services west of Bankstown station in 2024

The preferred option includes restoring the (former) Inner West Line: City to Liverpool via Regents Park

Transport for NSW is incorrectly applying the name of “T3 Bankstown Line” for the Inner West Line’s City to Liverpool via Regents Park route to cover-up the removal of this train service in 2013

We will continue fighting to ensure all stations have direct train services to City Circle, Inner West, Liverpool

We thank the NSW Government for reversing its decision to close stations west of Bankstown

Please write to Transport for NSW indicating your support for restoring the Inner West Line (City to Liverpool via Regents Park and City to Bankstown via Regents Park), and maintaining existing T3 Bankstown Line train services

Before 2013 Inner West Line & Bankstown Line

Before 2013: Inner West Line

City to Liverpool via Regents Park

City to Bankstown via Regents Park

Inner West Line (Liverpool via Regents Park) opened in 1924

2013 Timetable Inner West Line & Bansktown Line

2013 – 2017: T2 Inner West Line

City to Homebush Only

No Trains to Liverpool/Bankstown

Interchange at Birrong, Lidcombe, Strathfield

2019 Inner West Line, Bankstown Line and future Sydenham - Bankstown Metro

2017 – Present: T2 Inner West Line

City to Parramatta Only

No Express at Lidcombe, Auburn, Granville

Stations east of Bankstown to be converted into Metro in 2024

Join the campaign to Bring Back Our Trains & FIX OUR PUBLIC TRANSPORT

To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales.

The Petition of: residents and commuters of Western and South West Sydney. Brings to the attention of the House:

  • The removal of the Inner West Line train service (Liverpool via Regents Park) resulting in increased interchange/overcrowding at Birrong, Lidcombe and Strathfield
  • The removal of express trains on the Western Line resulting in increased travel times in excess of 10 minutes from Lidcombe, Auburn, Granville to the City
  • The removal of all direct trains to the City Circle for 19,000 commuters west of Bankstown (at Berala, Regents Park, Sefton, Chester Hill, Leightonfield, Villawood, Carramar, Birrong and Yagoona) due to Sydney Metro Southwest
  • The lack of NightRide services at Carramar, Birrong, Yagoona
  • The need for lifts and accessibility upgrades at stations west of Bankstown such as Chester Hill, Villawood, Carramar

The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the Legislative Assembly to: restore the Inner West Line to Liverpool via Regents Park, restore express trains for Lidcombe, Auburn, Granville, Save the T3 Bankstown Line (maintain heavy rail direct to City Circle), provide NightRide services and accessibility upgrades for all stations west of Bankstown

Download PETITION to print. Please return completed petitions to: PO BOX 470 Lidcombe NSW 1825 or email:

Sign the Petition

Restore Inner West Line
(Liverpool via Regents Park)

City to Liverpool (and Bankstown) via Regents Park

Reduce travel times for Southwest Sydney commuters by removing forced interchanges at Lidcombe and Birrong

Express for Lidcombe, Auburn, Granville

Inner West Line to Parramatta has replaced fast trains to City from Lidcombe, Auburn, Granville on the Western Line

Save T3 Bankstown Line

Reverse the cuts to the Bankstown circuit and upgrade heavy rail signalling on the Bankstown Line instead of Metro Southwest

The Inner West Line from City to Liverpool (and Bankstown) via Regents Park until its removal in the 2013 Sydney Trains timetable change

Why Restore Inner West Line - Liverpool via Regents Park?

Berala to Homebush used to be 10 minutes now it's 35 minutes, it's just so bad
Cherryl, Berala Station
Central to Regents Park used to be 40 minutes, now it's 70 minutes with a frustrating wait at Lidcombe
Andy, Regents Park Station
I have to catch 3 trains in the morning and 3 trains to get home
Jenny, Birrong Station
For our line, this has been the biggest downgrade of a generation
John, Birrong Station
Newtown to Chester Hill used to be just 1 train, now I have to catch 4 trains
Shani, Sefton Station

Restore Inner West Line Community Action Group

Restore Inner West Line is a Community Action Group campaigning for public transport improvements and sustainable development in the electorates of Strathfield, Auburn, Granville, Bankstown, Fairfield and Liverpool.

Founded in 2013 with the support of the then State Member for Auburn (Barbara Perry) and the Member for Bankstown (Tania Mihailuk), local residents joined together at community meetings and rallies to protest the then Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian’s cut to Inner West Line (City to Liverpool via Regents Park and City to Bankstown via Regents Park) train services.

We have worked with local councils (e.g. Strathfield, Auburn, Cumberland, Liverpool) and other like-minded community groups (e.g. The Battler, No WestConnex, FIX NSW Transport, Sydenham-Bankstown Alliance, EcoTransit Sydney) in the fight to improve public transport in Sydney, oppose privitisation of services, and to stop over-development.

We thank the NSW Labor Party, NSW Greens and the many other candidates who committed restoring the Inner West Line (City to Liverpool via Regents Park and City to Bankstown via Regents Park), and a review of the Sydney Trains timetable prior to the March 2019 State Election. We will continue to work with of all sides of government to improve public transport in the community.

Our campaign is also focused on achieving accessibility upgrades and NightRide bus services for all stations west of Bansktown.

Support our campaign for NightRide Bus Services at Carramar, Birrong, Yagoona

Accessibility Upgrades

Birrong, Yagoona, Chester Hill, Leightonfield, Villawood, Carramar station needs lift access

We are not part of any political party and rely solely on volunteer contributions

Fighting for better Public Transport in Sydney's Inner West, South West and Western suburbs

Western Sydney commuters demand ‘restore Inner West rail line’: Green Left Weekly

The NSW government has not only made our travel to the city inconvenient, but increased our travel time, and not provided the appropriate staff and resources for us to change platforms safely at interchange stations

Train pain worsens: Auburn Review

Commuters now faced slower trains on the Western Line; trains on the express no longer stopping at stations in the electorate; and no improvement on changes made under the 2013 timetable for Berala and Regents Park which drastically reduced services

Transport demand is not being addressed, says action group: Daily Telegraph

The action group is calling for the restoration of the Inner West line, a route that was cut in 2013, which will allow commuters from Liverpool to travel to the city via Regents Park, adding it would reduce overcrowding

Timetable changes: ‘Problem shifted from one line to another’: Daily Telegraph

Many Bankstown Line stations will have to wait 25 minutes for trains as the timetable has uneven stopping patterns, especially between Liverpool and Bankstown, and Fairfield is largely left with a slow train to the city via Granville/Inner West

We Need Your Support

We need your help to fight for more public transport and to expose the government cover-up

The communities of Strathfield, Auburn, Granville, Bankstown, Fairfield and Liverpool are suffering from a lack of adequate public transport services as a result of cuts to trains over the past 7 years

Liverpool to City via Regents Park and Bankstown to City via Regents Park needs our trains back

Support the community campaign for public transport

Your contribution will enable us to raise awareness of public transport issues in the community and promote environmentally friendly transport policies! We are also fundraising to pay for GIPA (Freedom of Information) requests to expose the government’s mismanagement of public transport.

Any donations big or small is much appreciated. Thank you for your support

We are looking for volunteers to assist with our campaign including letterbox drops and researching public transport

Please contact Roydon Ng on 0426 500 330 or send us an email if you are interested in being involved

We are also happy to send flyers and printed copies of the petition to your postal address

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