Freedom of Information

A democratic and transparent government includes the proactive release of information to the community. The NSW Government has failed to meet community standards of open access to information.

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPAA) which should provide open access to information for citizens and journalists is under attack.

Government agencies are fighting attempts to be held accountable to the public by imposing excessive processing fees, refusing to release documents, and redaction of public interest material.

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPAA) replaces the Freedom of Information Act 1989 (FOI).

Since 2016 we have submitted over 80 formal GIPPA requests mainly to Transport for NSW, with each request requiring a $30 application fee (regardless of decision to release information or not) and in many cases followed by additional processing fees in excess of $700.

Other costs in GIPPA include a $40 fee for a government agency to internally review its original decision (e.g. appeal a refusal to release information) and a $104 fee for the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) to externally review a government agency’s decision.

Documents listed below have been obtained under GIPPA (except FOI requests with the Australian Government or ATI requests with the Hong Kong Government). If you have found this information useful, please consider donating to support our efforts to promote an open and transparent government.

Please email with your name and details of the particular GIPA request information that you would like to access. In future we are hoping to make more of our GIPA collection available for download.

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AgencyDate ReleasedDescription
Transport for NSW21 September 20162013 Sydney Trains Timetable: Customer and Stakeholder Engagement Plan
Transport for NSW10 March 2017Breakdown of feedback for 2013 Timetable regarding removal of Inner West Line: Liverpool via Regents Park
Transport for NSW23 January 2018Rail plans for additional tracks on the Western Line corridor from Homebush to Granville
Transport for NSW21 February 20182017 Sydney Trains Timetable: Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Plan
Transport for NSW29 August 2018T1 Upgrade: Homebush to Granville 6 Track Base Case
Transport for NSW2 October 2018Transport for NSW Customer feedback methods from select stations
Sydney Metro19 September 2018Information concerning Sydney Metro City and Southwest Sydney to Bankstown project including passenger projections

01 Temporary Transport Service Plan 180318
02 Temporary Transport Strategy 300817#5
05 Concept for rail service plan for December 19 Januaray 20 possession 300718#5
06 Bankstown Line TTP PTPM results#5
07 Temporary Transport Plan model runs – presentation of key results 211217#5
08 Sydney Metro City & Southwest ETCMKey station platform movements#5
09 SMSW network-wide demand#5

Featured in 9 News Sydney on 17 October 2018 and used by the Sydney Morning Herald on 18 July 2019
Transport for NSW9 November 2018Sydney’s Rail Future Implementation Plan (2013)
Transport for NSW10 January 2019Customer Injuries at Lidcombe Station since October 2013
Transport for NSW16 January 2019T3 Bankstown Line shutdown schedule for construction of Metro Southwest: Sydenham to Bankstown
Transport for NSW23 January 20192017 Timetable (More Trains, More Services) – Stations with Increased Travel Times and Number of Complaints
Transport for NSW25 March 2019Patronage Statistics for Bus Services operating through the Auburn electorate and West of Bankstown
Sydney Trains2 May 2019Train Sets by Line (2013 Timetable and 2017 Timetable)
Transport for NSW23 May 2019Sydney Trains Standard Working Timetable 2009, 2010 and 2013
SafeWork NSW28 May 2019List of incidents on Metro Northwest during construction
Transport for NSW29 May 2019Transport for NSW promotional information ahead of Epping to Chatswood shutdown for Metro Northwest construction
Transport for NSW30 May 2019Rail Advisory Committee (2012)
Transport for NSW26 July 20192013 Timetable Operational Review
Sydney Metro30 August 2019Bankstown Line Shutdown Temporary Transport Plan
Sydney Metro15 October 2019Cost breakdown for Sydney Metro City & Southwest including Sydenham to Bankstown line conversion
Transport for NSW17 October 2019Cabramatta Turnback, Bankstown Line 3rd Track, Light Rail conversion of Lidcombe-Bankstown-Cabramatta
Hong Kong Police Force25 October 2019Crime Statistics on Hong Kong MTR (2016-2018)
Sydney Metro25 November 2019Incidents on Sydney Metro Northwest from 26 May 2019
Sydney Trains11 December 2019Sydney Trains CEO Howard Collins’ awareness of submission from former rail executives against Metro Southwest
Andrew Constance6 January 2020Correspondence between Transport Minister Andrew Constance and Locals for Metro Southwest
Office of Local Government21 January 2020Submissions received by the Auburn City Council Public Inquiry related to the Berala Village Proposal
Transport for NSW22 January 2020West of Bankstown Sydney Metro City and Southwest Integration
Cumberland Council23 January 2020Records and submissions of Auburn City Council regarding public transport
Sydney Trains4 February 2020T3 Bankstown Line shutdown (2019) complaints received and staffing levels
Cumberland Council13 February 2020Correspondence between Cumberland Council and NSW Government regarding train services
Transport for NSW13 February 2020Rail Options for Greater Metropolitan Area discussion paper – draft versions
Transport for NSW5 March 2020Information held by Transport for NSW regarding Locals for Metro Southwest
Transport for NSW2 March 2020Transport for NSW Communications Stakeholder Engagement and Temporary Transport Service Plan for T3 Shutdown (2019)
Transport for NSW23 March 2020NightRide Patronage Statistics (2017-2019)
Western Sydney University5 May 2020Correspondence between Western Sydney University and Locals for Metro Southwest
Gladys Berejiklian20 May 2020Correspondence between NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Locals for Metro Southwest
Canterbury Bankstown Council3 June 2020Select Correspondence between Canterbury Bankstown Council and Locals for Metro Southwest
Transport for NSW10 June 2020Sydney’s Rail Future Implementation Committee (2013)
Sydney Metro22 June 20202016 Sydney Metro Southwest extension study: Bankstown to Liverpool
Liverpool City Council25 June 2020Submission for Future Transport Strategy 2056
Bayside Council2 July 2020Submission for NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan (2012) and Future Transport Strategy 2056
Andrew Constance6 July 2020Video filmed for the Locals for Metro Southwest
Andrew Constance7 July 2020Information regarding video filmed for the Locals for Metro Southwest
Fairfield City Council8 July 2020Submission for NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan (2012) and Future Transport Strategy 2056
Cumberland Council10 July 2020Petition/Submission for Berala Village Proposal
Transport for NSW28 July 2020More Trains, More Service program’s upgrade for T8 Airport/South Line, T4 Illawarra Line and South Coast Line
Transport for NSW6 August 2020Correspondence/documents involving Axis Strategic Advisory/Wells Haslem Mayhew and Locals for Metro Southwest/CRK
Gladys Berejiklian14 August 2020Contact with Axis Strategic Advisory and Wells Haslem Mayhew Strategic Public Affairs regarding Locals for Metro Southwest etc.
Transport for NSW26 August 2020Sydney’s Rail Future, Strategic Business Case
Transport for NSW27 August 2020Sydney rail network map decal and AM/PM train plans
Inner West Council28 Aug 2020Leichhardt Council submission for draft NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan
Canterbury Bankstown Council3 September 2020Correspondence/documents involving Axis Strategic Advisory/Wells Haslem Mayhew and Locals for Metro Southwest
Cumberland Council7 September 2020Transport in the Cumberland Community research report (yet to be formally endorsed by Council)
Georges River Council11 September 2020Public Transport Documents and Submissions since 2013
Department of Planning29 September 2020Document/report regarding land use and development opportunities along the Bankstown Line created from 2011-2014
Liverpool City Council6 October 2020Public Transport Documents and Submissions since 2013
Liverpool City Council7 October 2020Documents regarding Metro Southwest Extension from Bankstown to Liverpool and Station Locations

As of June 2020, Transport for NSW has refused to release information for approximately 50% of GIPA requests. In future, we aim to update this table with the GIPA requests that have been refused.

2022 Update: Please contact us regarding our GIPAs and continuing efforts to access information from various government departments and ministerial offices. This webpage will be updated in due course.

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