No Waste Station in Lidcombe

The Restore Inner West Line community action group supports residents in Cumberland Council in the fight against the proposed development at 109A Church Street, Lidcombe.

The proposed “organic waste transfer station” (DA2023/0130) creates a significant impact on Lidcombe residents, increased pressure on the road network, as well as reduces the usability of public transport and active transport links in the local area.

From the meagre information included in the development proposal, the 118 daily truck movements (each 20 metres in length) through the Lidcombe Town Centre and residential areas will cause significant traffic congestion especially as the “organic waste transfer station” will be a service centre for Councils across Sydney.

The substantial truck movements with their odours (which will exist despite the partial organic nature of the waste) will also put the safety of pedestrians and cyclists at risk as the streets through Lidcombe Town Centre are not designed for such heavy vehicle movements.

It should be noted that Cumberland Council and Transport for NSW are currently designing a new Pippita Rail Trail (Active Transport Link) from Lidcombe Railway Station to Olympic Park starting along Church Street including at the intersection with Bachell Avenue which will be a key turning point for trucks of the proposed “organic waste transfer station”.

The current proposal’s operational hours of 6am to 10pm appear to also be in contravention of the Cumberland Council Development Control Plan (DCP) which stipulates the operating hours of industrial zones to be 7am to 6pm.

Additionally, the ability of Cumberland Council to enforce heavy vehicle movement restrictions has been questionable in the recent past with oversized vehicles using Amy Street, Regents Park despite prohibitions and residents’ complaints.

We support EcoTransit’s proposal for Pippita CityExpress and also support the proposal for Pippita Rail Trail.

Ultimately, the Restore Inner West Line community action group believes that the proposed Waste Station in Lidcombe will impact our local roads, streets, and cycleways to the extent that pedestrians will be discouraged to walk or cycle to Lidcombe railway station.

With the increased population densities in Lidcombe, a proposal such as the Waste Station at 109A Church Street, Lidcombe that reduces the attractiveness of active and public transport use cannot be supported.

Were the proposal to proceed, Cumberland Council and Transport for NSW are urged to create grade-separated pedestrian walkways and cycleways in Lidcombe to ensure safe access to Lidcombe Railway Station.

We however in the best interests of the community, strongly urge Cumberland Council and the Sydney Regional Planning Panel to reject this proposal considering the gross environmental impacts to Lidcombe and surrounding areas.

Media Contact: Roydon Ng (0426 500 330)

Convenor, Restore T2 Inner West Line Community Action Group

(City to Liverpool via Regents Park and City to Bankstown via Regents Park)

The Restore Inner West Line community action group supports the Sydney Trains Network and active transport especially in the Lidcombe – Bankstown – Liverpool areas.

Aerial Footage of area surrounding 109A Church Street, Lidcombe: YouTube

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