Sefton to Homebush still 20 minutes too much!

What was once a 16 minute direct train from Sefton to Homebush, a journey of just 7 stations now takes 36 minutes, 3 trains with 2 interchanges in 2017.

This journey is now 20 minutes slower than in 2011 thanks to the worst downgrades in a generation in 2013 and now 2017.

Without the Inner West Line servicing all stations from Liverpool to City via Regents Park, students from Homebush Boy High School continue to face multiple interchanges on what used to be a direct train journey.

2011 Timetable: Inner West Line for Sefton to Homebush – a direct 16 minute train
New 2017 Timetable: Sefton to Homebush takes 36 minutes with 3 trains and 2 interchanges