S-Sets Increased on Bankstown Line prior to Metro approval

Restore Inner West Line & Save T3 can exclusively reveal an increase of S-Set (non air-conditioned) and older model trains running on the T3 Bankstown Line following the introduction of the 2017 timetable (and conveniently before the Sydenham to Bankstown Metro’s approval)

We decided to investigate the various train fleets servicing Sydney’s west and south west following reports of the government ignoring internal warnings regarding Sydney Trains’ capacity to implement the (current) timetable

The findings of our Freedom of Information (GIPA) investigation are as follows:

2013 Weekday Services (each day)

Waratah Millennium C-Set K-Set S-Set
119 143 11 49 8
36% 43% 3% 15% 2%


2017 Weekday Services (each day)

Waratah Millennium C-Set K-Set S-Set
188 68 49 94 32
44% 16% 11% 22% 7%

Not only is there a 5% increase in S-Set, there is an 7% increase in K-Set, and 8% increase in the C-Set trains. This coincides with a 27% decrease in Millennium trains on the T3 Bankstown Line

The Sydney Metro Southwest: Sydenham to Bankstown Metro PIR was on public exhibition just 7 months following the significant increase in older and non air-conditioned trains running on the Bankstown Line

Sydney Metro has consistently made an example of the older trains’ lack of air-conditioning and gap between platforms as supposed justification of converting the Sydenham to Bankstown section of the line into Metro

It would appear that the decision to ignore internal advice not to implement the 2017 timetable (including need to run more old trains) may have been motivated by the need to “CONvince” Bankstown Line commuters into supporting Sydney Metro Southwest