Liverpool Petition to Restore Trains Services

LIVERPOOL commuters have been short-changed with inadequate public transport options, according to a community advocacy group campaigning for faster, direct train services to the city.

Roydon Ng from the Restore Inner West Line group said train services for Liverpool commuters travelling to the city, via Regents Park, were removed following successive cuts to services since 2013.

Mr Ng and his fellow campaigners, including Maurice Guerra of Campbelltown, and John Anderson, of Wattle Grove, are urging the government to fix public transport for southwest Sydney commuters.

The group is encouraging commuters to join the cause by signing a petition calling for the restoration of the Inner West Line’s City to Liverpool via Regents Park service, which was cut in 2013.

At the time, it was the shortest route to the city.

They are also calling for express trains to the city via Granville on the T2 Leppington Line to be restored after they were cut in 2017. Earlier this year, the government made an election promise to extend the Sydney Metro Southwest to Liverpool.

Mr Ng said the Sydney Metro Southwest project would take away existing services in a region that needed more direct services.

“There is a growing population here,” he said.

“There’s a lack of infrastructure.

“We should be building new rail lines … not replacing existing rail lines.”

Read the full article published in the Liverpool Leader on Wednesday 7 August 2019

Our Fix Liverpool Transport campaign is proud to support RAID Moorebank in the fight to improve public transport and restore the Liverpool via Regents Park train service.

Sign the petition to Fix Liverpool Transport at

Write to Paul Lynch (Liverpool MP) and Wendy Waller (Liverpool Mayor) asking them to #FixLiverpoolTransport:

  • restore City to Liverpool via Regents Park trains (Inner West Line)
  • restore Express Trains to City via Granville and Direct Trains to Campbelltown
  • stop projects that will increase traffic congestion around Liverpool such the Moorebank Intermodal, and the Metro Southwest which leads to 17 minutes increases in journey times to City resulting in more people driving instead